Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where did the princess go....

I remember so vividly Emma loving to play dress-up with all of her princess costumes from Disney. Her favorite costume was this one- Aurora. She loved acting out the scene where Aurora falls into a deep sleep. Emma would lie on the couch clutching this silk rose and lie there with one eye open to see ywho was looking at her. She also loved to play with the Malificent figurine. Sometimes, I would take out Malificent and surprise Emma and she would just bury her head in the couch.....she really believed that she was Aurora.

There is no more dress up going on at our house which makes me sad that this era is over. Time has gone by so incredibly quickly. As I look to the future, I am scared to think about how fast the next nine years will go by. Emma is a wonderful little girl or I guess that I should just say girl because she is no longer "little." She comes up to my chin in height!! I can't wait to experience the new phases that she enters into over the coming years...she will always be my little princess!

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