Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The first day of school....

The first day of school has arrived.....there are so many emotions flooding our house- excitement, anxiety, sadness, and joy. A new year brings new beginnings and new friends. I am sure that Emma and Henry will love being in 4th and second grade. I am so excited for them to come home and to tell me about their days. I am sure that there will be many stories. It is so hot today - high of 96 so I am sure that they will just want to hop in the pool.

I had to post so many pictures because I look at these shots am my heart just bubbles over with love!!!

Henry left this note on his bed for me this morning with strict instructions not to read it until after he had left for school. Good thing because it instantly brought me to tears.

Have I mentioned that I love these kids???? They are the best!

Happy first day of school.

My dear friend and her family visit

My dear friend Sara and her family came for a visit this past weekend. It was so nice having them at our house and spending time catching up. The kids swam for hours while the adults talked. The crazy thing about Sara and I is that we have been friends for years (since the second grade) and whenever we get together it's like we have never been apart. We had fun remembering times at Friends Lake, Camp Fowler, and high school- it was a blast.

Rediscovering Playdoh......hours of entertainment

Emma and Henry discovered a pack of unopened playdoh (must be three years old) in a closet. Yes, I need to organize closets now that they are back at school. They asked if they could open it and I agreed. It was as if they had won the lottery. The four containers of playdoh equated to 4 hours of fun!! The opened their own restaurant. Henry as the chef and Emma as the demanding waitress. They probably sent out over 100 meals.....they were working fiends! They had these choices on the menu, chicken soup, pasta, steak and key lime pie!!!

All of their "customers" left happy!

Kimball Farm...one more time!

We had to make one more visit to Kimball Farm before the summer came to an end. John was able to go with us this time and he had as much fun as the kids. We purchased a pass that allowed you to pick 5 different activities so they decided on- miniature golf, bumper boats, the arcade, ice cream and the driving range. Hours of fun!!!

We also had lunch- they have the BEST friend clams!!!!

We had a great day being together with lots of laughs. The pictures speak for themselves.

YaYa and Hugo's visit

YaYa and Hugo came for an end of the summer visit. Emma and Henry are so lucky to have so many people in their lives that love them so much!

The weekend was filled with many activities- swimming and relaxing. The most exciting time was the kids went to the mall and were able to pick out new clothes for school. Thanks to their Aunt Laura and their cousin Jurgen they are lovin' Abercrombie and Fitch!!! They both received three new outfits- which are their favorites. Emma got to pick the restaurant for dinner and she chose Friendly's......boy, I am thrilled that I got a free pass not to have to dine there. I feel sorry for YaYa and Hugo having to consume that food.

They also took a nightly ride in the convertible with Max.....many laughs and one happy dog!

Thanks YaYa and Hugo for coming out to visit us. Also, thanks for letting John and I have a date night in Boston.

Henry's 8th Birthday Party

Henry had his birthday party the day after Emma's. It's amazing how different the parties were. Henry had a blast with all of his friends they even got a little wiffle ball game going.

These are the two boys that Henry stepped up with from first grade- Lucas and Anthony. Silly little guys.

Just like Emma- Henry decorated his own cupcakes!!!

He is looking like an 8 year old......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emma's 10th Birthday Pool Party

Emma celebrated her 10th birthday this past week. She is actually only 9 1/2 but we like to celebrate in the summer rather than a week before Christmas. She had 9 of her friends over and they spent the afternoon swimming and just having fun together.

Emma made her own cupcakes...too cute for words.

Three close friends!!

The young ladies!!!


Emma and I went raspberry picking last week while Henry was at soccer camp. We pick about 8 pounds of these delicious berries. I froze about 5 quart bags of berries in simple syrup so that during our cold and snowy days of winter we will have a little taste of summer.

The Cape with the Bachs

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to see our cousins again this summer down on the Cape. The day was beautiful and I must say that I have a new appreciation for a "day at the beach." Usually, I dislike like going to the beach even under perfect conditions. I HATE sand. However- I really had a great time catching up with my sister-in-law and seeing the kids all having a great time together. We ended up eating at the snack bar at the beach- hot dogs, fries and ice cream the prefect summer lunch.

Adam and Jurgen

Emma showing off her heart rocks after going swimming in the ocean. I was in complete amazement of her just running into the ocean and swimming freely. I feel like it was just yesterday that I would be watching her every move in the ocean- she is growing up!!
Hagan-he is such a little model. I bring out my camera and he just poses even with sunscreen in his hair.
Tristan and Henry after digging in the sand- they are little engineers.

Our drive back took over three hours but is was worth every minute being able to spend time with our family.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

We were so lucky to receive an invitation from our friends to come up to their cabin in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. We had a wonderful time exploring the coast of Maine and a beautiful botanical garden. The weather was perfect and so many memories were made. Here are just a few shots from our three days in Boothbay!!

The kids at the botanical garden. This was the most amazing garden!! It is so large that we only were able to see a small portion. We will have to come up and visit again.

Henry building his fairy house. Please note that it has two floors.....my little architect!

Emma and Claudia in the "Story Barn". This barn is filled with the best children's books that kids are allowed to read. It is just so peaceful and the lighting was amazing.

We went to a beach one night to explore. The kids found some sea glass and heart shaped rocks. The night before we went to another beach around 10:00 pm and were able to experience bioluminescence. We all rubbed our hands in the sand and it sparkled like it was filled with pixie dust. The kids were in AWE. Henry said that it looked like pieces from the stars in the sky were in the sand. I saw the most amazing shooting star with the longest tail! A magical night to say the least!

On our last morning we went out on their boat to Damariscove Island. It was beautiful! The salty, sweet smelling air was to die for. The kids had a blast exploring the island walking through tiny paths. We also found a beach that was covered in sea glass and pottery. The kids felt like they had hit the jackpot!!!

Damariscove Island

We were able to see some porpoises and seals!!!
Our sea glass collection.

The bear from Blueberries for Sal!!
Henry doing some lobstering!!

Whale rock.

The monarchs have started their migration!!!

Thank you to the Stedts for a wonderful time in Maine!!!
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