Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emma's Field Day

It was a HOT one today for Emma's Field Day. I was able to work one of the stations and see all of the 4th graders. I work this event every year and I can't believe how much these kids have changed over the course of this year.

I LOVE this picture of Emma. She is so happy!!

Emma last year at Field Day- what a change in a year.....

Emma's 4th Grade Class

Student Spotlight- Anne Frank

Let me introduce to Anne Frank....

Emma had this wonderful end of the year project at school called Student Spotlight and the best thing about this project was that the kids did ALL of the work in school.
I was amazed at the work and creativity that went into each project. It was a wonderful event.

Emma and I are both going to read "The Diary of Anne Frank" together this summer. I loved this book as a child and can't wait for the re-read.

Anne Frank, Amelia Earhart and Julia Child

New Customized Kicks!!!

The UPS truck dropped these beauties off this afternoon! Henry designed these himself and waiting for them to come has been tortuous. He spent hours coming up with just the right combination for his new sneaks and I must say they are just great. It is so nice to be growing up in a time where you can get everything customized.

(sorry for the blurry picture- they say Zeus- a tribute to his favorite book "The Lightning Thief.")


Henry played baseball this season for the Giants!! He had a great time and even gave pitching a try. He had such a nice team and his coaches were the best!!!

Way to go Henry!

(The most fun was in the dugout with Big Leaugue Chewing Gum!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The last lacrosse games....sad to see the season end!

The sun is out and the temps are finally is beginning to feel like summer around here. This weekend marked the end of the lacrosse season for Emma and Henry (Henry still has one more tournament). The both loved this sport so much!!! They always came running off the field with huge smiles covering their faces- just what you want to see as a parent!!

Lacrosse is a fast paced sport- that is why I believe that they both found so much enjoyment in playing the game. I must also mention that Emma and Henry both scored goals this season!! They both had amazing coaches that taught them everything they know.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gillette Stadium Lacrosse Tournament

Henry's lacrosse team had a once ina lifetime opporunity to play on the field of Gillette Stadium! It was so much fun even though it was still cloudy and cold....have we had any sun this Spring???

(The Team)

(Henry after he scored a goal on the FIELD AT GILLETTE STADIUM!!!)
)We were also there to see the quarter finals of the NCAA tournament- We saw the Syarcuse vs. Maryland game . It was great- even went into OT with an unfortunate loss for SU!!

So exciting for all of us to be on the field!!

Henry couldn't be happier!!

Syracuse vs. Maryland Game
We rounded at the day dining at Red Robin!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Henry's First Communion

So much time has past since my last post....Henry's First Communion was over Mother's Day weekend. It was a wonderful day for Henry and it was so special for Emma and Henry to have Omi and Grandpa here along with YaYa and Hugo.

The weekend was filled with sports for both kids. We had a great dinner out in Boston and Legal Seafoods Harborside Restaurant on the waterfront for Mother's Day. John and I were so happy that we could spend Mother's Day with both of our mothers. The last time we had Mother's Day with both mothers was 10 years ago when we they told them that we were pregnant with Emma. It seems like just yesterday!

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