Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Good Cause

Emma told her class that she is looking for donations for our local animal shelter. She has been working on earning money at home for the past two weeks so that she has enough money to buy a few toys for the dogs at the shelter. Once Mrs. Oldach heard about this she decided to let Emma present this to her class and now they are all on board.
She came home from school yesterday and spent and hour and a half making the signs for her display. She kept telling me that she had butterflies in her stomach because she was just so excited about helping out other dogs. She really hopes that the other kids will bring some donations in over the next few days.
Emma copied the shelter's wish list off of their website and this is the sign that she made.

I love seeing the kids being interested in something else other than themselves. I hope that this is a success for her! I will keep you posted. I am off to take some photos for my photography class now that the sun is out!!!

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