Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Siblings that are best friends

As I look through the photos that I have taken over the years of Emma and Henry I love revisiting the ones were they are together. They are not only siblings but they are truly best friends at this point in their lives.

I hope as the years pass that their bond continues to deepen. Their relationship will be the longest relationship that they have over a lifetime.

It brings such joy to you as a parent to see your children depending on one another. I love the fact that Emma can now help Henry with his homework and that he loves being helped by her.

Emma can get a belly laugh out of Henry that no one else can. He will be laughing so hard sometimes that his eyes are watering and he can hardly catch his breath after hearing some funny statement that Emma has made. Hearing that just fills my heart with so much joy.

I love these little guys (and John) more than anything in this world. They bring me such happiness and joy everyday (notice how I didn't say every minute). There can be trying times but for the most part it is just wonderful.

As they continue on in their lives my hope is that they will always be walking together. They might not be in the same spot physically but they will always know in their hearts that they have each other to depend on.

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