Friday, March 12, 2010

Emma at 9 1/2.......Snapshot

Some important facts about Emma.

*She loves playing soccer and plays it all during the school year on various teams.
*She is very good at math even though she says that she doesn't like it.
*She gets the "challenge" spelling list every week.
*She loves to help me with anything that I am doing- cooking, cleaning, stationery and yard work.
*She is very thorough when doing her school work.
*She takes piano and she is better than she thinks she is. She also cracks up her piano teacher...he doesn't have another student like her. She always speaks her mind to him while I am either cracking up or cringing in the back of the room.
*She loves to watch Platinum Weddings and It's Me or the Dog.
*She loves to make Max's food- and he eats every last piece of kibble when Emma is the chef.
*She can make a mean omlette.
*She loves to swim in the pool.
*Her best friend is Lizzie.
*She puts together all of our Christmas cards and invitations to all of my stationery parties.
*She laughs the hardest at John's funny stories.
*Her favorite color is blue.
*She is willing to try any new food that is put in front of her.
*Her favorite foods are- sushi, bean burritos, any soup and all vegetables.
*She hates to eat breakfast.
*She loves to cuddle with me and play the "stop means go" game of tickle.
*She loves being with all of her cousins.
*She is very confident.
*She loves to play school with Henry.
*She has begun writing in a diary which I think will be very helpful for her.
*She is very particular about the clothes that she wears.
*She wants to grow out her hair.
*She writes beautifully about any topic. She recently wrote about our visit with my sister- it was very well thought out.

We love our little Bean.

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