Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smeared booger......

Well, today started off with pancakes for Emma as she headed out the door to take her MCAS for the first time. She was very nervous. As Henry was eating his pancakes he told me that he is sitting next to "Kate" and that he doesn't like her. I had to ask why and his response was "because she smeared a booger on my desk." I couldn't stop laughing at how he said this statement and it immediately brought me back to elementary school and seeing smeared boogers on desks, in bathrooms, etc..... Gross!!!

I have to send out a big hello to Jurgen and Tristan! They started following my blog yesterday. Thanks for your comments guys!!! We can't wait to see you in two weeks.

Emma, Max, Henry, Tristan and Jurgen last summer.

Jurgen, Emma, Tristan and Henry at Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I watched Jamie Oliver's new show Food Revolution on television. Check out the trailer here. It is absolutely frightening what we feed our children in this country. School districts and the USDA should be ashamed of themselves for serving our children such unhealthy over processed foods. We wouldn't have to be so focused on healthcare if we started from the bottom and gave our kids the healthy diets that they need and deserve. I know that everyone says that feeding kids healthy foods is so expensive. Well, we either pay now or we pay later. I chose to pay now!!!

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