Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning is in the air.....

"I'm one of seven children, and growing up we never had a lot. But my parents taught us to take care of the things we did have-to respect our possessions. I was always an organized kid, but I think respect is the basis for the work I do."
Peter Walsh

I just recently read this quote and thought how true it is. Our kids have so many "things" that it is incredibly hard to appreciate anything because where ever you turn there is more "stuff." As I head into the Spring, I am on a mission to de-clutter my house from top to bottom. I feel less stressed when I am not looking at "stuff" everywhere. We began cleaning as a family this weekend. We started in the solarium and removed three garbage bags full of old documents, coloring books, and random items. I love being in this room now because it's peaceful not being surrounded by items that I continually move around but do nothing with. We also spent a few hours in the basement organizing and getting a pile ready to donate to others. It is all so FREEING!!!

This is just the beginning of the project. My plan is tackle a room or area a day for the next week. I should be ready for Spring if it ever decides to start. The rain needs to come to an end and the sun needs to shine.

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