Thursday, March 11, 2010

Henry at 7 1/2 years old........a snap shot of his world and how he fits in.

I want to try and capture what Emma and Henry's lives look and feel like each year. It is amazing how quickly you forget things like what they are interested in, who their friends are, and what they think about. I thought that this would be the perfect avenue to list these important facts out for each of them and today Henry is the lucky child.

* He loves to play soccer.
* He likes to go on hikes in the woods and is always in search of the perfect walking stick.
*His favorite movies are Up and any Harry Potter movie.
*He tries every week to get the "challenge" spelling list at school- he has been successful once.
*He loves to be hugged and kissed.
*He is passionate about fishing on Schroon Lake with John.
*He loves to ride roller coasters- like his Mom.
*I always have to help him get dressed in the morning.
*If it is the weekend, he always gets up earlier than he does during the week. He loves the weekend and spending time with his family.
*He can't make a decision without my input- this needs to change.
*He adores playing street hockey in the driveway either by himself or with his friends.
*If there is a flake of snow flying in the air he thinks that there is enough to go sledding.
*He always needs his closet door to be shut tight every evening in order to go to sleep.
*His favorite foods are- any type of fruit, M&M cookies, snow peas, carrot sushi, raspberry parfaits and cucumbers in vinegar.
*He loves his Converse sneakers.
*His favorite toys are- Legos, Playmobil, whoopi cushion, and his safe.
*He can be very stubborn.
*He is a very happy kid.
*He is also very sensitive.
*He is excited to start playing golf.
*When playing with his Legos he goes into an imaginary world....
*He really think about things and always come up with very fascinating questions.
*He has a tremendous memory and remembers all of the details.
*He is kind to his friends and always looks out for them.
*He always comes up with creative ideas- picture above with the balloon for crazy hair day....

We love this guy to pieces!!!

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