Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Fort to a Vet Clinic....priceless

We had a new grill delivered earlier this week and the box has been sitting in the garage. Henry has asked each day if he could make into a fort and we just haven't had time until the weekend. Emma and Henry spent a lot of time decorating their fort and then decided that it was too cold to play outside so it made it's way into our family room.

It has now been turned into a vet's office. Webkinz are their patients, an old keyboard and the mouse is their computer and old doctor's kits are their supplies. They have been playing for hours. I swear they play with things that aren't toys more than they play with toys. The grill was an expense but playing all day with the box has been priceless.

Dr. Edwards and Dr. Edwards

I just had to take a picture of the pizza we made Friday night!!! It was delicious.

Henry has decided to wear jeans again after a 3 year boycott because they didn't feel "right." He looks so grown up.

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