Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Favorite Family Games

Games bring people together. I love the belly laughter that I hear coming from Emma and Henry when John gets competitive or just plain silly as we play Pit or Duck Duck Bruce. John started to teach them how to play Black Jack with pennies and it is so interesting to see their different strategies. Emma spends all of her money and takes risks and Henry is much more conservative.
Celia and I all grown up.

Cousins (Wick and Chip) up at Schroon Lake

I grew up in a family that loved to play games. Up at our camp on Friends Lake in the Adirondacks my cousins, sister and I would play games for hours on rainy summer days because there absolutely nothing else to do. There was no TV, no Wii and no video games so we were forced to play board games or make up some imaginary game like "plane." The "plane" game was when we converted the attic into our own private plane with beds. Someone would be the captain and their job was to scream orders into a large fan that distorted their voice in a creepy kind of way which we all loved. When that got boring we resorted to board games that were stored under the couch in the living room. We would have marathon Monopoly sessions, fast past games of war, or strategic games of Mille Bourne. We had so many laughs and good times playing games together. As we got older- we were able to compete with our mothers in Scrabble. It was always a blast. Whenever my grandmother came up for a visit she would play card games with us all day. She had the patience of a saint.....I realize that now more than ever. I miss you Grammy!

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