Friday, March 5, 2010

"Harry" Edwards aka.... Harry Potter

Henry has had a fascination with Harry Potter for the past two years. This winter John started reading the books to him every night before he goes to bed. Henry spends so much time talking about all of the characters and places that Harry goes...he is in love with this series.

The Museum of Science in Boston hosted the Harry Potter Exhibition. We took the kids one Saturday morning and they were in awe of the costumes and sets. We all get to watch one of the movies once he has completed a book. A fun family night!!! Popcorn and Harry Potter it doesn't get much better for Henry. Yesterday, when I picked Henry up at school and they call his name they called him "Harry" Edwards...he was BEAMING when he came out of school. One step closer to becoming.....Harry Potter!

This is a picture of the fort or "forit" as Henry calls it that has been set up in his room for the past week. He loves going in to read and to look at his "treasures."

What a good kid!!!

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