Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A simpler life..

As I look through our pictures taken last year in Europe, I think would it be easier to live in another country? I believe that the children of America are forced to grow up so incredibly quickly. John and I do our best to keep the outside influences at bay but it doesn't always work.

I see this little town nestled in the mountains of Germany and think that the kids there must be growing up at a slower pace. I am sure that it is not true but I have a hard time convincing myself otherwise. I worry about Emma and Henry's future and the pressures that they will have placed on them. I hope that they will be confident to stand up for what they believe in and be able to make good decisions (minus the 911 call).

I watched the news tonight...always a bad decision. We never have the news on when the kids are at home. What is the world coming to? If you watch the news you know what I am talking about. Every story is scarier than the last one.

I am not sure that there is a simpler place to live in the world but I am trying to make our home be influenced less by our culture and more by our values.

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