Friday, April 9, 2010

Can I watch a show.......actually no you can't.

I have come to realize over the last month or two that TV and the computer have really been infiltrating our lives on a more consistent basis. This is something that I am not happy about. Now that the weather is nicer and the days are longer it is time for these children to get outside and run with their imaginations. We have had some longs days as we transition into no computer, no Itouches and no television during the week. Now, this is what I am seeing.....picking up books and learning. I am so HAPPY!!! I must say that Henry is happier as well. I have no more crying in frustration over Club Penguin or Webkinz.

Henry's new favorite boden shirt and chuck taylors. He's got a new spring in his step.
Both kids got haircuts today....I will have to post Emma's later.

There's that tongue again....I crack up every time that it comes out!

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