Friday, April 30, 2010

Emma's Favorite Things.....9 years old

Here are Emma's favorite things. I think it is so funny that she and Henry had the same answer for two items- place and most beautiful thing that you have ever seen. How can you not love these kids when they reply with those answers.

Favorite book- The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Favorite Movie- Harry Potter
Favorite Show- Toddlers and Tiaras (mind you she has seen it once- "glitz")
Favorite Season- Spring
Favorite Color- baby blue and chocolate brown
Favorite Flower- Lavender
Favorite Sport- Soccer
Favorite Thing to do- Train Max
Favorite Place- Home
Favorite Toy- anything that she plays school with
Favorite Place to visit- Tergernsee, Germany
Would Like to invent- a pill that would allow a human/animal to live forever
Favorite Candy- dark chocolate
Favorite Food- Barefoot Contessa's tomato and angel hair dish
Favorite Drink- cold milk
Most Beautiful thing that you have seen- my family
Favorite Dessert- chocolate fondue
Favorite Holiday - My birthday (didn't know that classified as a holiday)
Favorite Friend- Lizzie B.
Favorite Article of Clothing- Juicy Cortez (she means Couture) Jeans
Favorite Activity- working on projects in school
Favorite Music- can't think of anything
Favorite Dinner: Emerald Stir Fry from Ellie Kreiger
Favorite Restaurant- Beer Garden in Tergernsee, Germany
Favorite Time of the day- getting into bed at night
Favorite Pet- Max
Favorite Wild Animal- baby squirrel that was in our backyard last summer
Favorite thing is school- teachers
Favorite sport to do at home- swim
Favorite Dream Project- New bedroom
Favorite Game- Life
Favorite Vacation- Europe

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