Thursday, April 15, 2010

911 call, visit from a police officer and an apology....

Yesterday, Henry was playing at a friend's house. They were throwing a hat up into the beams in a barn when the hat got stuck (which I am sure was their intention). A suggestion was made to call 911 and Henry thought he might just dial the numbers as a joke. Well, the call went through much to the children's surprise. The police immediately called back and then boys hung up on them...probably scared out of their minds. The police called back again and this time the mom picked up. The policeman was on his way.....

I was so disappointed that Henry would a) listen to someone else, b) dial the numbers 911 even if he thought it was a joke and c) not be scared out out his mind knowing that the cop was coming.

Once the police officer arrived, the boys apologized but I didn't think that it was enough for Henry. He came home and wrote a draft of a letter of apology and then copied it in his best handwriting. Once he was done we were on our way to the local police station. He handed the letter in for Officer Sutton. On the drive home, he said that he was sorry and it was a mistake. I hope that both Emma and Henry have learned something from the experience.

Thank you Officer Sutton for talking to the boys and for being so understanding!!!

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