Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How many times does it take to have a child like a new food???

Ok, so I have planned new meals for every night this week. I had great expectations because Emma and Henry are both good eaters. Well, it has not gone as well as I had expected. Emma didn't like the Tortilla soup yesterday but she ate it and Henry and I were at war all during dinner tonight. He would not even put one piece of pasta to his lips and he puckered them up when I tried (he is 7 mind you). I had to bring out the big guns to have him at least take a "no thank you" bite. I also made Toll House cookie bars which are his favorite. He did finally try ONE piece of pasta and immediately stated he didn't like it. He then went to a bowl of cereal with blackberries..tough life. After that was gone he ate 5 Toll House bars.

I realize that I did something wrong tonight. He basically try one noodle and then had dessert for dinner. I need to have a better plan in the future.

I also need to lower my expectations and continue to make new meals but have the mindset that the meal will probably not be a success the first night out of the box.


  1. Would you like to run a test on Chris?? He easily could break the record.

  2. I could break may take a few weeks!!


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