Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are back home......

Now that we have returned from our holiday in Italy and Germany I have so many pictures to post. It seems so I decided to start with a simple post about some of my favorite books and movies from the last 3 weeks. We saw Nanny McPhee a few years ago and thought that it was the sweetest movie...a definite choice for kids.

On our flight back from Germany they were showing the sequel.....and it was just as good as the first one. I was a crying mess in my seat on the plane. Luckily, everyone was tuned into their own shows to even see me crying. It was just wonderful!!! It opens in the United States on August 20th.

While traveling, I was able to finish the great book- a true page turner!!! It is the second in the series.
I am in the process of reading this wonderful book - another must for the summer. My goal is to complete 4 books over the summer. I must mention that over the past year I did not read one book which was disappointing for me...but times are a changing!!!

I will begin to get my European photos together....over 500 photos to go through!!! Hope to post some tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

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