Thursday, July 8, 2010

Europe- La Foce and THE PUPPIES

We woke on Thursday morning around 9:30 am and had breakfast in our kitchen and went down to the pool for a swim and played in the countryside the weather was perfect--the view never gets old. Lunch was funny because Emma and I decided to drive to a restaurant up the street from Lafoce to pick up sandwiches--no luck closed on Thursday. So we went into Chiachino and found it deserted because noon to 2:30 is lunch break but we found a place that made us some sandwiches to go. In Italy not much is prepared to go generally you drink espresso or coffee standing up so asking for sandwiches to go was interesting. Back at Lafoce we ate at an outdoor table under a tree. A dog that lives at Lafoce stopped by so we had to talk about Max--we miss Max. After lunch we played 3 squares on the tennis court and swam eating snacks. We went back up to our villa and rested and decided to go back to Montapulicano for dinner. The kids played a hotel game at the desk before leaving and shared many laughs After the 10 minute drive to Montipulicano on partially dirt road we walked up the hill and enjoyed a great dinner with many laughs and great walk down with some gelato for dessert. A cat followed the kids down the mountain they enjoyed the companionship. A great night and we determined we enjoy the smaller towns so much more. It seems to us it easier to be an older person in Europe because you can walk and enjoy the company of friends much easier. The fireflies greeted us as we returned to Lafoce. We were ready for bed and a good nights rest.

Friday morning and another great night of sleep almost 10 hours and the children are still sleeping (close the shutters on the windows and it is completely dark). Jocelyn woke and opened the window to another beautiful day and I liked her comment, Tuscany it is all I expected. Some comments from Henry at Lafoce: lizards, trampoline, needs a Kinder egg, different $, likes to work on the fire, sitting in the windows, jumping on my bed. Another leisure breakfast in our kitchen and Jocelyn did some laundry before we drove up to the Lafoce office to settle our account. While Jocelyn and I discussed the olive oil--we had to determine what we could bring back the kids found 5 puppies. The puppies were only 3 weeks old and so cute the kids just sat with them on their laps. We went back to our villa for lunch and then to the pool. Emma, Henry and I played 4 squares again on the tennis court and then we went swimming with perfect weather of sunny skies and temps in the low 80's. Back to the villa for showers to get ready for dinner in Montepulicano but we had to see the puppies again--a lot of talk about the puppies. Back in Montepulicano we walked up the hill, Henry found another gnome while Emma looked for a purse--we found nothing yet. We reached the top and we were a little early for dinner so we played in the park and took some photos. We were ready for dinner at 7:30 and we were hungry: antipasti melon and proshuttio and a caprese that we ate in about 2 minutes First course bean soup for Emma that we determined was the best bean soup including the olive oil drizzled on top; Henry a simple pasta with excellent garlic sauce, Jocelyn and I pasta with porcini all excellent. Second course Jocelyn and Henry had pork that was grilled with the bone in (big piece of meat that took up the whole plate), Emma had a pasta dish with salmon and I had a grilled whole sea bass with a prawn and squid along with a bean and salat side dish--all entrees were of course drizzled with olive oil. The meal like the previous night was spectacular especially considering the simplicity. We ate everything and order desserts one fresh strawberries and chocolate cake--delicious. Jocelyn and I enjoyed great wine that surprising does not give Jocelyn a wheeze and Henry can eat melon without any reaction around his lips. We love the food in Tuscany because it is simple but delicious. A great walk down the hill and of course some gelato. On the drive back to LaFoce, mostly dirt roads that everyone likes to pass each other, we saw several rabbits and we discussed Max and the puppies. Back at Lafoce greeted by the fireflies we went to bed around midnight.

Sitting by the pool.

Henry and his new slingshot

Yellow shoes are very popular in Tuscany...needless to say we didn't leave with any!

Dinner at our favorite restaurant.

THE PUPPIES.......I don't need to say anything else except grazie for allowing these kids to experience such joy for a few days!!!!


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