Thursday, July 8, 2010

Europe- Rome- Part 4

Wednesday morning again we got up a little earlier and drove to Rome--again an easy drive of approximately 1 1/2 hours while the kids watched their itouchs. Found a parking garage that was a couple of blocks from the Vatican. We walked into the vatican and I believe the kids were amazed. St. Peter's is awe inspiring and the art work is amazing. We walked outside and bought a Vatican book again for future reference. We had a lousy lunch but pressed forward taking the metro to the Spanish steps and then walked to Trevi Fountain--both great sites. Henry bought a Italia soccer ball and Emma picked up some more Murano glass. From there we refueled with some gelato and walked to the Colosseum- an interesting walk. Toured the Colosseum and decided it was time to head back-- we picked up a book on Rome. Back to parking garage and I pulled over to set the gps in the car and Emma asks why are you stopping are you starting to smoke-- we could not stop laughing. Quick drive back -- I was flying. We went back to the same restaurant for a nice dinner on our way back to Lafoce. We watched the German soccer match and enjoyed a great dinner. The fireflies were out to greet us at Lafoce and we were ready for bed. After 2 days of touring Florence and Rome we decided that the next 3 days at Lafoce would be spent relaxing and enjoying the countryside. We like Rome--I liked it better than Florence. I always hear about how crazy Rome is traffic etc. I believe that Big American cities like NY and to a lesser extent Boston are by far crazier with traffic and pushing and rushing. All cars in Italy stop for pedestrians and drivers are generally courteous.

The Colesseum

The Colesseum
Trevi Fountain
This jerk.....we took a picture with him and then he charged us 5 Euros....about $6. I took the d*(*)( shot!!!
Spanish Steps

The Vatican

The Pieta
So Massive!!!

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