Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Europe- Siena and Montalcino- Part 2

Well Monday morning came and went-we awoke around 11:30--quickly cleaned up and left LaFoce stopping in the main office and received some suggestions for the day. Henry did wake up in the night because he fell out of bed shouting can anybody help me so we laughed about that before making plans for the day. We decided to tour Tuscany skipping Rome and Florence for the day. While driving I discussed the history of LaFoce and the children found it interesting especially the specifics of Benadetta and Donata. We decided to drive to Siena but stopped at Auto Grill first for lunch. While driving Jocelyn discussed the historical facts of Siena so we learned several facts about the city before arriving. Interesting medieval place crowded with tourists but we enjoyed touring the Duomo. We liked learning about the horse race conducted in the middle of the city. The weather held up ok with no rain but cool perfect for sightseeing. We ate some pizza and gelato of course. Jocelyn needed a coffee but she decided to pass so we headed back to car. Emma and Henry were surprised we had to pay to use the wc.

Duomo in Siena- Emma lighting a candle and saying a prayer.

Duomo in Siena
Dome in the Duoma.
Fountain in the main square.
Emma and Henry in a courtyard. (You have to love the lighting!)

Next town in Tuscany--Montalcino-- great little town. We enjoyed walking the fortress and Emma liked the pigeon condos. We walked around and I bought some wine--great reds known for their Brunello. The kids found some great glass souvenirs. We ate dinner at a great little restaurant called Ostricia great anti pasta and pasta dinner recommended by LaFoce--the view was amazing. We realized all meals in Tuscany are seasoned with olive oil from the region and fresh herbs or cheese (percino) not butter or lots of sauces nice and simple flavorful food. We enjoyed the dinner and everybody ate well. We stopped and bought some more gelato as we walked through the town listening to an outdoor concert. We truly enjoyed the curvy roads and scenic drive back to LaFoce. All went to bed around 10:00 in the hope we can get up a little earlier to head to Florence or Rome.

Walking on a street.

Looking down from the fortress.
Family shot in Montalcino.


Very steep side do not do the beauty of this town justice.

Dinner at a beautiful restaurant.......

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