Monday, February 28, 2011

A skiers dream vacation...

We just got back from our winter break. We were able to go out West to visit with my sister and her family in Boulder. (pictures to come)

We were also able to get up to our favorite mountain - Vail. It is magical!!! The scenery is breathtaking, the skiing is amazing and being able to ski as a family is unforgettable!!

We had three days to hit the slopes. Two were sunny and one was snowy- the perfect combination.

Memorable Moments:
* Henry skiing down a trail of moguls (so determined)
*A very hot room- had to keep the window open at night which meant that it was snowing in our room one morning.
* Blue Sky Basin- two words- Terrifying and Beautiful
* Favorite Trails- Over Easy, Riccochet, Avanti
*Great meals

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