Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A morning snuggle..

Henry woke up about 20 minutes early this morning and told me that he had a bad dream. He asked if I could sleep with him until he needed to get up. I crawled into bed right next to him to share the warm spot. (It was quite cold here last night so it was a joy to be under the down the comforter.) As I laid in bed with him he snuggled up so close wrapping both his little arms around my arm...he couldn't have been any closer. I could smell his clean jammies, his hair and his breath. All of these smells coming together brought me such happiness. I am sure the time will come in the not so distant future that he will no longer ask me to snuggle in bed with him so for now I cherish these precious moments (morning breath and all).

P.S. I love the picture above. We were up in Maine at a beautiful botanical garden and this was the reading barn. The barn was filled with the most amazing childrens book collection. One of my many happy memories from this fantastic summer.

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