Sunday, April 3, 2011


Spring has sprung! On Sunday, Emma played two games. Her first was soccer and I must say that her team this year is looking so much better than last. It should be a fun season.

We rushed to her next game- lacrosse. (Luckily- she has the same coaches for both teams) As soon as she got on the field her coach asked her to be goalie. Here's the back story. She has had 2 one hour practices to learn lacrosse and no time has been spent on the position of goalie. She immediately said that she would do it!! She suited up and headed out to the field. She played the position really well considering it was her first go at it!! GREAT JOB EMMA!

(ready to go)

(waiting to have a ball whipped at her)

(happy it's over- a big thank you to the pit crew!)

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