Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Race to Nowhere .....

A new movie has just been released called "A Race to Nowhere". As John and I raise Emma and Henry we are constantly concerned about the education that they are receiving and what activities they participate in throughout the school year. It's not like when we grew up, there seems to be so much pressure placed on our children. If they are not in school then their time should be filled with sports, music or any other activity. I don't think it's easy being a kid in the year 2011. While I watched this trailer, my heart felt heavy for Emma and Henry. Our kids are placed in an education system that no longer seems to be working. The thought is just get the work done and do well on tests, succeed in your activities and be the best that you can be but somewhere along the line our children have lost the ability to think critically. American children are - racing to nowhere.

Check out this trailer as well for the movie "Waiting for Superman".

Between these two movies it is apparent that we need to make in a change.

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