Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to the sick bay.....

Well, we successfully celebrated Emma's birthday before the plague hit our household. The unfortunate thing is that we all shared fondue so I am sure that this sickness is still not done making it's way through our house.

Henry was the first to get the stomach bug along with a high fever which was odd. Emma followed suit 24 hours later but she also has a cold. I guess I can look at that as a blessing because she didn't smell the throw-up or the other stuff.....those smells nearly took me out. I am famous for throwing up over the kid's heads as they are throwing up...not a pretty sight.

We went to the doctor's yesterday thinking that Henry might have to go to the ER to get hydrated as he could barley walk and he was telling us that he was dizzy. Dr. Garber did a strep test and it came back in seconds as positive. Antibiotics for him!!

So here we are on our second day home from school. The barf buckets have been put away and now I am just pushing liquids and lots of rest. I wonder what tomorrow will bring with only 4 days until Christmas. Who needs to get things done anyway??!!??

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