Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lost Valley Ranch

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to travel this past week to a very special place for the best vacation ever. We went to LOST VALLEY RANCH in Colorado with my entire family. My mother gave this trip to my sister and I for Christmas and little did I know then that we would have such an amazing trip.

On our way to the airport to meet up with my sister and her family in Boulder.

We were also so excited to be able to celebrate Harper's Birthday with her friends. She was beyond excited! I don't have anymore pictures because I needed to take Emma to Urgent Care in Boulder due to a fever, back pain and throwing up. I didn't want to head into no man's land without having her check out. In the end she was fine and were off to Lost Valley Ranch.

This vacation is any child's dream come true. They are able to ride horses all day long, make new friends, have wonderful child supervisors and wranglers, eat great food and be surrounded by beauty. It is also a dream come true for the adults for all of the same reasons.

Getting ready for our morning ride after a "cowboy" breakfast! ooooo aaaaw!

She is growing up so fast!

My mini-cowboy!

Emma and Henry with their child superviser - Megan. She is such a wonderful gal. They love her to pieces.

Old fashioned egg toss!

Could anyone be any happier? Look at those smiles.

One confident rider....

Second confident rider.....

Emma and Henry's new friends- Alicia and Miranda from Ohio.

My cowboy- looking great on his horse.

Miss Harper

Our brand they we left on the ceiling of the lodge....its so cool that every family does this and if you return you get to put a check mark next to it.....we hope to have a few check marks over time.

What a vacation!

Thanks Mom!

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