Saturday, November 13, 2010

Makeovers and New England Weather

As the weather starts to change, my focus always moves to indoor home improvements. Our solarium is one room that was kind of thrown together when we moved in..... we are changing the look. We had bookcases and a window seat built-in. I have always wanted a window seat since I was a little girl....such a cool place to read. I am in the process on finding the perfect cushion for this new space.

Love it!!!

Old Room (pink is a color of the past)

We told Emma when she turned 10 that she could change her room. Well, 10 is here and so is a new color scheme.......

At first I was blown away but it has grown on me over the past few weeks. We now just need to get the accent pieces.

Check out this sky....

Check out this snow....I am not ready!!!

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